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( Jan. 19th, 2009 07:36 pm)
I know, it's been silent around here! That's because a bunch of things have been going on:

- I will be moving in 13 days (and counting!);

- It will be my 9th move in 11 years;

- Consequently I am half-packed with stuff in labeled boxes;

- Fortunately I do not have much over what I originally loaded into my car when I drove cross-country from Madison to Van, aside from a few items like bookshelf & art desk;

- Also fortunately, Chandri & gang have consented to help move, YAY! Thanks, guys!! :D

- I will be homeless for a night while moving, so will be staying with ze birdies here;

- I find it incredibly cute that when I called to confirm that the hotel was okay with ze birdies being with me, the person on the phone specifically noted down their names and the spelling of. If Sin and Peeps end up with their own labeled mint chocolates upon checking in, I'll crack up;

- Yes, you should always doubly verify, despite any proclamations by any hotel that they're pet-friendly, because a 4-star hotel I'd previously contacted claimed it was fine with pets, but then told me they had an absolute ban on birds;

- Did I mention I will be moving to my own digs YAY?

- Oh P.S. I am doing a storyboard internship for a feature film just thought I'd slide that in there hey. :D

Thus the silence! Now must run off and draw scripts!



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